Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai

I'm addicted to you, A tes côtés, Ein Gefühl namens Liebe, Adicto a ti, รักติดหนึบของฮานาโนอิคุง, Una enfermedad llamada amor


Hotaru Hinase is a first-year in high school that has a great family and wonderful friends, but not much luck when it comes to romance. One day, she happens to see the hot boy from the class next door, Hananoi, get dumped. Seeing Hananoi standing in the middle of a park all alone, Hotaru decides to hand him an umbrella.

That little act causes Hananoi to ask her out soon after.

What does love even mean? What does it mean to be in love? Hotaru is flustered at suddenly being asked out by Hananoi, who has an endless amount of love for the person he loves and wants to do everything he can for them. This is a story about first love between a girl who doesn't understand romantic love and a boy that may be a bit too heavy-handed when it comes to love.

(Source: Kodansha USA)

Format TV
Source Manga
Total Episode 12 episodes
Rating 6.8
Duration 24 mins
Hashtag -

EP 8 - 1

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